Open Water Training Programs

Open water swimming is a truly different experience to the pool, and one all swimmers should try at least once! Open water swimming takes place anywhere that isn’t a swimming pool. This means no man-made sides and bottom, and no lane ropes or black lines to follow.

Open water swimming is for everyone of all abilities and age groups as long as you have the ability and confidence to swim without being able to put your feet down.

VAMOS Youth Open Water training programs focus on safety, endurance and skills necessary to swim in the open water safely and competitively. We’ll provide you with all of the training and education you need to feel confident in the open water.

Check out our current schedule of events for training dates, locations and times. 

Play Your Potential!

Our goal is to promote programs that encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle for adults and kids of all ages throughout the Guanacaste region. Our open water training program encourages fitness, safety skills and fun while teaching the fundamentals of a sport that can be practiced in any open water setting. It’s a great way to train for triathlons and open water swimming competitions!

My daughter discovered a new love for swimming when the world of open water swimming was introduced to her. Aude of VAMOS knows the ins and outs of being in the water and has helped her (and us) to be confident in her abilities to not only be strong enough but to also be safe. The training has increased her endurance/strength as well as her knowledge of how the competitions work and best practices. Thanks, VAMOS!!