Did you know that drownings are the second highest cause of accidental death in Costa Rica?

VAMOS Youth offers Junior and Senior Lifesaving Programs that provide education and safety skills for all ages. Our programs are fun, interactive, and emphasize water safety in the pool and ocean.

We offer advanced certification for adults through special programs offered a few times a year as well as weekly lifesaving camps for the kids.

Check out our current schedule of events for dates and times. 

Play Your Potential!

Our goal is to promote programs that encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle for kids of all ages throughout the Guanacaste region. Our lifesaving programs encourage safety, education, teamwork,  and fun while teaching the fundamentals of water safety in both the pool and ocean.

Aude has a holistic vision of making the beaches safe in Costa Rica by empowering the newer generation of swimmers and lifeguard in the country, starting with our children. She has taught our children about healthy living, CPR, semaphore language, team spirit and confidence building besides the obvious swimming and water confidence skills they learned in the program. Her real life-saving experiences that she shared with our children on coasts of Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica and the US made all of her training come to life for our children and made them understand the importance of the new skills that they were learning.

She s also a very inspiring and talented young professional that impressed all of us- parents and children alike, by her drive, professionalism, talent and hard work, all qualities that make her a wonderful swim coach and inspiring role model for our children.

In short, we warmly recommend training with Aude!