Water Polo Programs

Exciting to watch and a lot of fun to play, this dynamic game requires three basic skills: swimming, treading water and passing. Expect plenty of physical contact, referees blowing their whistles a lot and teams trying to outscore each other. Plus you get to play with a really cool yellow ball!

VAMOS Youth offers water polo lessons for all ages and skill levels at La Paz Community School in Brasilito. Our water polo programs allow you to get a great workout while learning the ins and outs of the game. It’s a great way to meet some new friends, too!

Check out our current schedule of events for dates and times. 

Play Your Potential!

Our goal is to promote programs that encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle for kids of all ages throughout the Guanacaste region. Our water polo program encourages teamwork, fitness and fun while teaching the fundamentals of a sport played around the world.

Vamos is the best!! They run the best swim, lifesaving, and youth programs in Guanacaste, no doubt. Aude has tons of experience and is amazing with all of her clients. I highly recommend Vamos to anybody looking for quality coaching or training in and out of the water.